Is a RO Needed?

A significant issue that will face any organisation will be if the doctor they employ requires a Responsible Officer via their organisation?

One Responsible Officer per Doctor

If a doctor already has a Responsible Officer then they will not need another. So if they work for the NHS or another locum agency/organisation this will be sufficient.

The rules are nuanced and there may have to be some consideration establishing in which organisation the Responsible Officer, for a doctor, should reside.

Part-time locums and other doctors

If an organisation is aware that a doctor has a current position with another organisation this may be sufficient evidence that they have a Responsible Officer.

So, for example, if a doctor can show they are working for the NHS then this will be sufficient as an organisation can presume the doctor has a Responsible Officer.

Full-time locums and other doctors

If a doctor has been working for a locum agency prior/organisation prior to joining a different organisation then they should have a Responsible Officer thus could work for a new organisation without an appointment of another Responsible Officer.

By joining a new organisation from another locum agency or organisation it can be presumed that the locum has an Responsible Officer for that year. If they remain with the previous locum agency then they can still be said to have an Responsible Officer and this will be with the previous agency. Where an organisation provides the majority of the work for a locum/doctor then that organisation will be the organisation that provides the Responsible Officer for the next year.

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